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Monday, October 7, 2013

Trustee Meeting Minutes - October 7th, 2013


7:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Ron Kilburn, Village President; Chris Leach, Trustee; Eugene LaBombard, Trustee; Adam Paxman, Trustee; Reg Beliveau, Village Manager; Lynn Paradis, Assistant Village Manager; Dianne Day, Village Clerk; and Channel 16.

Unless otherwise noted, all motions carried unanimously.

Ron Kilburn, Village President, welcomed all to the regular Board of Trustees meeting and called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

1. Approve and Accept Minutes from Monday, September 30, 2013 Meeting:

Chris Leach made the motion to approve and accept Minutes from Monday, September 30, 2013 as presented. Adam Paxman seconded. Discussion: Referring to the last meeting Minutes, Reg Beliveau stated that he looked up the Town of Swanton check and it was from a resident who paid both Town and Village taxes in one check so the Village had to refund the Town. Adam Paxman stated that the Alburg Bridge should be called Missisquoi Bay Bridge. Ron Kilburn stated he still had to set up a meeting with Mr. Demers regarding the Jewett Street situation. Motion carried with changes.

2. Approve and Accept Village Warrants through Friday, October 4, 2013:

Adam Paxman made the motion to approve and accept Village Warrants #618-#619 through October 4, 2013 as presented. Eugene LaBombard seconded. Discussion: Adam Paxman asked what the payment of $2864.48 to BAU/HOPKINS vendor was for. Reg stated that was for the Foundry Street Pump Station work. Motion carried.

3. Set Insurance Budget:

Lynn Paradis, Assistant Village Manager, explained to the Board that the Village of Swanton now offers a high deductible insurance plan for the Village employees. She said the Village pays for 96% of this plan and it cost approximately $465,897 per year. Lynn advised that with the new insurance plans offered, no Village employee would qualify for tax incentives. She provided the Board with information she has received and figured the Silver Plan would cost Village employees approximately $14,000 per year, the Gold Plan would cost them approximately $11,000 per year and the Platinum Plan would cost them approximately $5,000 per year. She said they had a choice of going with either MVP or Blue Cross Blue Shield and she is recommending to the Board that they go with Blue Cross Blue Shield and offer their employees the Platinum Plan. She said with this plan it would cost them an estimated $499,435 per year but the employee would pay their out of pocket maximums. Chris Leach asked what would happen if the Village didn’t offer health care coverage to their employees. Lynn said they would face a penalty. Eugene LaBombard asked if they would be locked in yearly and Lynn advised they would have to do this on a yearly basis. Adam Paxman had Lynn change from 96% to 95% and see what that did to the employees contribution. Adam asked if the employees would rather see more of an increase come out of their  paycheck or pay more in deductibles and out of pocket expenses. I advised I thought most employees would want less out of their paycheck and pay more out of pocket expenses when and if they went to the doctors.

Adam Paxman made the motion to authorize the Village of Swanton to offer Village employees the Blue Cross Blue Shield Platinum Plan Standard Insurance funded at 96%, noting that Village employees can also choose the Gold Plan or Silver Plan. Chris Leach seconded. Motion carried.

4. Any Other Necessary Business:

Lynn Paradis, Assistant Village Manager, advised the Board that she had the Water Bond Anticipation Note for $500,000 that needed authorization and signatures.  She said this is for the Fourth and Second Street Water Project. She said she received approval to use the Union Bank checking account for this project and said she got an interest rate of 1.25% from Union Bank for this note. Reg Beliveau stated the Fourth Street project is going very good.

Eugene LaBombard made the motion to authorize the Village of Swanton to borrow $500,000 from Union Bank with an interest rate of 1.25% for the improvements or replacement of existing water lines. Chris Leach seconded. Motion carried.

Any Other Business: Lynn Paradis handed out budget information to the Board for them to look at for their next meeting.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau advised the Board he would be working with the school children Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Oct. 22, 23 & 24th on Fire Prevention.

Any Other Business: Adam Paxman advised the Board that the pumpkin lighting event would not be taking place this year in the park but said hopefully it would next year.

5. Executive Session (If Needed):


ADJOURN: Chris Leach made the motion to adjourn the Regular Board of the Trustees meeting at 8:35 p.m. Adam Paxman seconded. There being no further business at hand, Ronald Kilburn, Village President, adjourned the meeting at 8:35 p.m.

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