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Monday, November 25, 2013

Truseee Meeting Minutes - November 25th, 2013


MONDAY, November 25, 2013
7:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Ron Kilburn, Village President; Chris Leach, Trustee; Eugene LaBombard, Trustee; Adam Paxman, Trustee; Reg Beliveau, Village Manager; Dianne Day, Village Clerk; and Channel 16.

Unless otherwise noted, all motions carried unanimously.

Ron Kilburn, Village President, welcomed all to the regular Board of Trustees meeting and called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

1. Approve and Accept Minutes from Monday, October 28, 2013 Meeting:

Chris Leach made the motion to approve and accept Minutes from Monday, October 28, 2013 as presented. Eugene LaBombard seconded. Discussion: Chris Leach stated he urged residents to go to the NWSWD website and read about their new laws. Motion carried.

2. Approve and Accept Village Warrants through Friday, November 22, 2013:

Eugene LaBombard made the motion to approve and accept Village Warrants #630-#642 through November 22, 2013 as presented. Adam Paxman seconded. Discussion: Chris Leach asked about the $729,160.86 payment to US Bank on warrant #633, Reg explained that paid off a bond. He also asked about the $172,874.07 payment on warrant #634 to Kingsbury Construction. Reg stated that was for the water job construction in progress. Chris stated the new sidewalks are beautiful. Motion carried.

3. Any Other Necessary Business:

Chris Leach asked if the Village has enrolled in the medical plan as of yet. Reg stated that Lynn went directly to Blue Cross Blue Shield and they enrolled the Village directly. Chris also asked about the water rate delta between the Village and the Town and asked if that will change. Reg stated that is up the Board and said they can talk about it. Chris stated he likes having that delta in place because the Village owns the Water system. He also asked about the older utility poles being removed from First Street. Reg stated that Daren Plouff has talked with Fairpoint and told them they would be billed if the poles were not removed. He said they are slowly removing the poles. Adam Paxman stated the Village should continue with the Utility Pole Ordinance they talked about earlier in the year. Chris Leach also stated he saw the downtown camera on TV and said it would be nice if it turned to the right to the see the storefronts. Reg said it would be better if it panned 80 yards out and said he would find out about that. Chris also mentioned expanding the Grand List.

Any Other Business: Adam Paxman mentioned the Winter Parking Ban that goes into effect on December 1st and runs through April 15th. He wanted all residents to be aware of the parking ban. Adam also mentioned the upcoming meeting for the Downtown Improvement Committee group and urged everyone to attend.

Any Other Business: Chris Leach stated they needed to sit and think about what they don’t have downtown. Ron Kilburn said they need to celebrate what’s there. Reg stated some of the items being discussed with the Downtown Improvement Committee are the Swans, Historical Sign, River Dam, Lake, I89, and Out of State issues. Chris Leach said they should consider canoes and bikes along the river. Reg stated the Recreation Department is applying for a grant. Reg stated he would like to add this topic to the next agenda so he can bring up their website and let the public know what they are working on.

Any Other Business: Ron Kilburn stated the Village Pub will be opening soon. Chris Leach stated Joey Stell’s son finished his Eagle Scout project, the Military Service Appreciation Monument. Chris said he also attended his spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

Any Other Business: Eugene LaBombard asked about all the vehicles for sale on the corner of First Street and Greenwich Street. He said there are two or three campers there for sale. He asked if the winter parking ban would affect this. The Board also stated they are parked in the Village right of way and maybe because of that they can do something about it. The Board stated they would look into this further.

Any Other Business: Eugene LaBombard stated he wanted to wish Dick Thompson a speedy recovery.

Any Other Business: Ron Kilburn asked about Christmas decorations for the Village park. Reg stated he picked up Christmas lights today and said he is going to request a line item on the ballot for Christmas decorations for next year so they can replace some of their older decorations. He said he would get some prices together.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau mentioned the VT Transportation Board meeting that he attended recently. He said he mentioned First Street again and the heavy truck traffic. Reg said the Village maintains First Street, cleans it and plows it but the State needs to reconstruct it. He said the State had concerns with the asphalt that was used on First Street.

Reg stated he needs an Executive Session to discuss Customer Accounts and Bonds.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau informed the Board that they had some issues on Second Street with the Water Project. He said when the contractor installed the water line to the curb stop they neglected to flush the line so the Village had to deal with that. He said Tuesday they finished the final layer of asphalt.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau informed the Board that he suggested to the Fire Department to involve a town member in the budget process to let them know where they are at in the budget process. He said by involving them in upfront conversations early will be beneficial because it affects their budget as well. Reg also stated he will be attending a meeting for the WWTP regarding phosphorus levels in Lake Champlain. He said there is more to come on this and he will keep them informed.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau informed the Board he attended a Court Diversion meeting last week and said there are a lot of good agencies involved. He urged residents to call the Police Department if they see something happening in the Village. Reg also informed the Board about the School Safety Meeting and what they are doing for the community and the student population.

Any Other Business: Eugene LaBombard asked if there was any news on the storm water runoff issue. Reg said the funds got re-directed and also said that the Webster Terrace property had new owners. He said the project is a few years out but may move forward to reduce phosphorus.

4. Executive Session (If Necessary):

Eugene LaBombard made the motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss Customer Accounts and Contract Negotiations at 8:00 p.m. Chris Leach seconded. Motion carried.

Chris Leach made the motion to exit Executive Session at 8:42 p.m. Adam Paxman seconded. Motion carried.


ADJOURN: Chris Leach made the motion to adjourn the Regular Board of the Trustees meeting at 8:42 p.m. Adam Paxman seconded. There being no further business at hand, Ronald Kilburn, Village President, adjourned the meeting at 8:42 p.m.

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