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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trustee Meeting Minutes - May 28th, 2013


TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2013
7:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Ronald Kilburn, Village President; Chris Leach, Trustee; Eugene LaBombard, Trustee; Adam Paxman, Trustee; Reginald Beliveau, Village Manager; and Dianne Day, Village Clerk.

Ron Kilburn welcomed all to the Regular Board of Trustees Meeting and called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Unless otherwise noted, all motions carried unanimously.

1. Approve and Accept Minutes from Monday, May 13, 2013 Meeting:

Chris Leach made the motion to approve and accept the Minutes from Monday, May 13, 2013 as presented. Eugene LaBombard seconded. Discussion:  Village Clerk stated that vendor Rodney Hunt was for maintenance to the Hydro Plant. Chris Leach asked if the flower boxes were going to be installed on the bridge. Ron Kilburn stated they were installed tonight. Chris Leach stated the residents of Gallup Court were happy because the “Children At Play” sign was re-installed.  Motion carried.

2. Approve and Accept Village Warrants through Friday, May 24, 2013:

Adam Paxman made the motion to approve and accept Village Warrants (#567-#572) through May 24, 2013 as presented. Chris Leach seconded. Discussion:  Chris Leach asked about Burlington Communications for $64,795.80. Reg Beliveau advised that was a grant for the Police Department in which 99% would be reimbursed. He said it would cost the Village approximately $2500.00 when complete. Reg stated that Mountain Air was for work being done at the Foundry Street Pump House. Motion carried.

3. Sign New Fire Truck Loan Documents:

Reg Beliveau advised the Board that the loan documents for the new fire truck needed to be signed by the Board. He stated Lynn Paradis ended up going with People’s United Bank with a rate of 2.20% for 5 years. He said the loan amount is $274,000 and each annual payment is $54,800 each. The Board, Village Clerk and Treasurer signed all necessary documents.

4. Any Other Necessary Business:

The Board discussed the 10.69% increase in the electric rates and also discussed Efficiency Vermont charges and programs. Ron Kilburn asked Reg if he expected a report from the Public Service Board regarding the investigation into the rate increase. Reg stated he received an email today stating there were no inquiries filed. He also stated it was good to see at their Public Hearing residents asking questions of the Board members.

Any Other Business: Chris Leach asked if there was any feedback from the Town regarding the downtown dam. Reg stated he had some information for them that needed to be discussed in Executive Session. Chris also asked if Lynn was going to borrow money in anticipation of taxes this year. Reg stated that she is working on that and he would let them know if that needs to take place. He stated the purchase power bill from VPPSA was a bit lower this past month so they may not need to but are working on it and would get back to them.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau informed the Board that Unit #5 at the Hydro Plant flooded during the heavy rains. He said each operator now takes a tour of the entire plant before beginning their shift and that’s how the flooding was found. He said there was so much water pressure it blew a rubber cap off a pipe and flooded the room. He said the sump pump couldn’t keep up with the water and there ended up being 4 feet of water in the room. He said because of this they will put a sensor in the floor and they will re-modify their plan of action in case this occurs again.  Reg stated that the Sewer Plant may have treated excess discharge coming up. He said they drained the lagoons as low as possible before the storm and they are expecting more rain tonight and this weekend. Ron Kilburn asked if they have recorded the volume of water going over the dam. Reg said since the dam has been installed they have recorded the volume. He said this storm there was 5’ of water going over and the highest recorded is 6’ of water.

Any Other Business: Chris Leach asked if the Dental coverage went through. Reg advised yes it did. Chris also stated he noticed a huge limb in the park. Reg said H&B Greenhouse is coming up to see if one of the trees can be saved.

Any Other Business: Adam Paxman asked if the next JLB meeting has been scheduled yet. We advised no not yet. He also stated the Chamber of Commerce would be holding two concerts in the Village Park on June 22nd and July 10th. He said the swans Sam and Betty are back in the park and doing great. He said they have a person in charge of feeding them and cleaning the pond this year. Adam also stated he has mentioned parking in the Village square in the past and said for their next meeting he would have something in writing as to his plans on that issue. Chris Leach stated that Hamlen engineering had done a study on that issue in the past. Ron Kilburn said he had a copy of it in his office and would get Adam a copy of that.

Any Other Business: Ron Kilburn stated that on May 29th himself, John Lavoie, Reg Beliveau and David Jescavage would be doing the “Swanton Today” show with Channel 15. Reg stated there are numerous projects to talk about.

Any Other Business: Ron Kilburn stated that they would be hosting their fourth 250th program on Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Wildlife Refuge. He said Adam Kane would be presenting “Shipwrecks of Lake Champlain” He also said on Saturday, June 8th the Milton 250 VT Automobile Enthusiasts Inc. Antique & Classic Vehicle Tour would be taking a tour at the Depot Station. He said on Sunday, June 23rd Vince Feaney will discuss Ira Allen. He said the audiences are getting bigger and better. Eugene LaBombard stated that Highgate put up their 250th banner already.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau advised that Elizabeth Malone from Channel 15 asked the Village if they would be interested in installing a traffic cam in Swanton. He said Channel 15 pays for the installation of the cam they just need a location and are working on finding one. He said he told her yes the Village would like one installed and said that he would present it to the Board.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau advised the Board that there will be a Public Hearing and Site Visit regarding the Proposed Small Hydroelectric Project on the downtown dam on Tuesday, June 18th and said this is open to all interested parties. He said the first meeting begins at 1 p.m., the site visit is at 2 p.m. and the second meeting will begin at 4:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Village Complex and site visit will be at the lower Swanton dam site, right abutment across from River Lane. He urged everyone to attend.

Any Other Business: Reg Beliveau stated he notified the insurance company about Unit #5 and said he doesn’t know when it will be back up and running. He said the main thing is that no one got hurt. He also stated that Denise Smith from Friends of Northern Lake Champlain stopped by and reviewed some rain garden projects with him. She informed Reg that John Fournier is selling his property on Webster Terrace and he is not interested in doing anything there.

5. Executive Session (If Necessary):

Adam Paxman made the motion to enter into Executive Session at 8:09 p.m. to Discuss Real Estate and a Customer’s Account. Eugene LaBombard seconded. Motion carried.

Adam Paxman made the motion to exit Executive Session at 8:42 p.m. Chris Leach seconded. Motion carried.


ADJOURN: Adam Paxman made the motion to adjourn the Regular Board of the Trustees meeting at 8:42 p.m. Chris Leach seconded. Motion carried. There being no further business at hand, Ronald Kilburn, Village President, adjourned the meeting at 8:42 p.m.

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